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NET has been around since more than a decade now. Some of the challenges that we all might have faced while working with ASP.

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NET are:. In ASP. NET the assembly System. Web includes all the ASP. NET functionality. This means that any new functionality can be released as a part of new framework release only. As the framework contains many other components besides ASP. NET are dependent upon the framework. This is a disadvantage with Web Forms. As we have seen in the last couple of years web technologies have evolved at a very rapid pace.

Earlier we had server side scripting technologies like asp, then compiled languages like java and c became quite popular for server side development. Now the web development world is fast moving towards Single Page applications. MVC can be downloaded as a separate nuget package.

NET framework releases. We don't have to wait for the release of new version of the. The System. Web assembly has a tight coupling to IIS. Though we have other hosts also like visual studio web server but they support only limited ASP.

NET features. So there is only one hosting option for deployment. There is a request pipeline in ASP. NET which consists of things like the different types of httpmodules, page and control life cycle. They are all part of the request pipeline and there is no easy way to disable them. We may not want to execute all the layers like the page lifecycle to happen for our simple application. We may just want to return the response from the handler and ignore the rest of the layers.

owin katana

So every asp. This should make us realize some of the attributes that should be present in a modern web framework. There should be only the minimal set of features provided in a framework with the capability to add new features as and when required.

Taking the example of web forms we should able to run our applications using just the HTTP protocol, as it is what defines web applications, without using the rest of the features like Page lifecycle ,HTTP modules and other HTTP pipeline components.Open Web Interface for. NET web servers and web applications. By decoupling the web server from the application, OWIN makes it easier to create middleware for.

NET web development. Also, OWIN makes it easier to port web applications to other hosts—for example, self-hosting in a Windows service or other process. OWIN is a community-owned specification, not an implementation.

In this article, I will jump right into code to get started. A few of the steps are different in Visual Studiowhich I note below. NET request pipeline. First, create a new ASP.

Getting Started with OWIN and Katana

NET Web Application project. Next, add the required NuGet packages. In the Package Manager Console window, type the following command:. Next, add an OWIN startup class. This code adds a simple piece of middleware to the OWIN pipeline, implemented as a function that receives a Microsoft. IOwinContext instance. The middleware sets the content type for the response and writes the response body.

If you are using Visual Studiojust add a new empty class named Startup1and paste in the following code:.

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Press F5 to begin debugging. The page should look like the following:. It's easy to convert this application from IIS hosting to self-hosting in a custom process. In Visual Studio, create a new console application. Add a Startup1 class from part 1 of this tutorial to the project.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Regarding the comment above, OWIN is not a framework. OWIN is a specification on how web servers and web applications should be built in order to decouple them and allow movement of ASP. NET applications to environments which were not supported before. Web assembly. Web is something that has existed ever since ASP non. NET version and internally contains many things that you might not even need such as Web Forms or URL Authorizationwhich by default all run on every request, thus consuming resources and making ASP.

NET applications in general lot slower than its counterparts such as Node. OWIN itself does not have any tools, libraries or anything else. It is just a specification.

Katana on the other hand, is a fully developed framework made to make a bridge between current ASP. At the moment, Katana has successfully adapted the following ASP.

Web, and in the long run there is a plan to decouple those as well. On the other hand, IIS is a good, resourceful host for web servers. Entire ASP. Web only. Up until the recent time, when deciding how will you host your web server, you had two options:. So if you wanted a performance, you'd go for a self-host option.

Now, there is a 3rd option, a Microsoft library named Helios current codename which intends to remove System. Web out of the way, and allow you to use IIS on more "cleaner" way, without any unnecessary libraries or modules. Helios is now in pre-release version, and is waiting for more community feedback in order to make it fully supported Microsoft product.

Deep Dive into OWIN Katana

With ASP. NET vNext being in development, Katana is slowly getting retired. Version 3.

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However, all the concepts introduced with Katana are being integrated into ASP. NET vNext, meaning that programming model will be pretty much the same. NET vNext :. Katana was the beginning of the break away from System. Web and to more modular components for the web stack. You can see vNext as a continuation of that work but going much further new CLR, new Project System, new http abstractions.

NET 5 and will be built on top of. NET Core 5.Posted by Pradeep Loganathan Aug 2, Asp. The Open Web Interface for. NET servers and web applications. OWIN, thus allows. The OWIN standard distinguishes five main agents that make up the chain of responsibilities needed to process requests coming from a client. Each suggests the possibilities for modularization proposed by this specification:.

It also describes a way in which those modules can be composed in a processing pipeline and defines how that pipeline can be hosted without relying on any specific web server or host or the features of a particular development stack.

Understanding ASP.NET - Part One - Owin And Katana

The same web application can be hosted on any compliant web server, regardless of the system platform provided it implements the host interface. OWIN defines the interface used to communicate between each part of the pipeline. This is a uniform interface that all parts of the pipeline implement. These pipeline components are called middleware. The web framework also implements the interface.

owin katana

The web server communicates with the pipeline through the interface. By implementing a uniform interface, you can compose a pipeline as you like. You can put more middleware into it, you can take pieces out, or you can swap them around.

Because they all use the same interface, they can be rearranged as needed. The central idea of OWIN interface specification can be expressed in two core data structures, a dictionary and a Function delegate commonly referred to as an App Func. Some of the required dictionary keys are owin.

RequestBody, owin. RequestHeaders, owin.

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RequestMethod, owin. RequestPath etc. This allows us the chain actions on the dictionary. All applications should implement this delegate to be OWIN compliant.NET 4 and above.

owin katana

NET, and what features it provides. From past few years, web application development has been extremely evolved and it's moving from monolithic frameworks towards more modular, loosely coupled individual working components that can be used and swapped easily without affecting the rest of the application. Basically, the architecture says, use only what you need and this gives us benefits like better performance and flexibility.

Web assembly. In fact, every feature of ASP. NET is written in System. Web and System. Web assembly is part of. NET framework. NET, so frequent release of a new framework is not possible. NET in this modern evolutionary era of web technologies. Another problem with ASP.

NET web apps at production. Due to rapid changes in web technologies, ASP. NET team is also changing the framework toward modern web development architecture which contains individually working pluggable components that can be used and swapped with each other independently from host. This is where OWIN plays its role and provides solutions to the problems that we have with existing architecture. The www. OWIN provides an abstraction layer between a web server and a web application. Now, the question is how someone abstract a web server from web application.

Abstracting away a web server from a web application is, for sure, a very complex job and it should be understandable to the average developer. But OWIN has made it very simple and it abstracts a web server with a standard. The dictionary object is called environment dictionary and it contains every information about HTTP request that server has passed to the application and the returning task object tells the server when the application has done processing.

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NET 4 framework release.Using the OwinMiddleware abstract class found in Microsoft. Owin we can start to create our own OWIN Middleware components that we can then integrate with our existing pipeline or distribute as a package. This includes abstractions such as request and response objects, saving us from searching the OWIN environment by key and a whole lot of casting.

A good takeaway from the above is that the Next property is optional, meaning we can stop the pipeline ourselves by simply not invoking the next OwinMiddleware. To implement OwinMiddleware we will need a constructor that calls the base constructor and an implementation of the Invoke method.

Let's spin up an example. This will also install the necessary dependencies of Owin and Microsoft. As we know from looking at the base class, the Next property can be null and in our case it will be. If you wanted to call the next middleware in the pipeline however, you would use the above commented out code of this.

Invoke context in your own Invoke method. Now all we need is our OWIN startup class. We have two options for registering our middleware with the pipeline:. We can change this by creating an extension method for our middleware. To set our options in the middleware constructor we pass them in as params object[] args :.

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Since the constructor for OwinMiddleware requires OwinMiddleware next, we cannot simply register the middleware itself and allow our DI container to resolve its dependencies. This has apparently been resolved for ASP. After banging my head against this for days, I ended up finding this line in a self-published book on Amazon by the fantastic Badrinarayanan Lakshmiraghavan :. This means that once you start writing to the response body, you can no longer write to the response headers.

If you try modifying the response headers after writing to the response body in a separate middleware component, you will be met with a lovely Yellow Screen of Death with the message: 'Cannot register for 'OnSendingHeaders' event after response headers have been sent. However, if you try doing this within the same middleware component, no exceptions or warnings are thrown or given; any new response headers will just not be assigned.

This also requires the CookieAuthentication middleware found in Microsoft. This will also pull in the dependency Microsoft. Now lets break the rules and switch our login and file send logic around.I was asked to give a presentation about OWIN and Web API to a different development team, as they wanted an introduction to the technology and no one in the team had exposure to that technology before.

Prior to that, I have developed a number of internal API for our company. With the presentation slides and materials, I decide to write them down as a blog post as well, so it will be documented properly. I put a lot of extra information compared to the original presentation to cover a broader audience in the internet. Even with recent revolutionary changes in the ASP. NET Core.

NET Core at the end. OWIN is a open standard specification which defines a standard interface between. NET web servers and web applications.

owin katana

OWIN is motivated by the development of web frameworks in other coding languages such Node. All these web frameworks are designed to be fast, simple and they enable the development of web applications in a modular way. In contrast, prior to OWIN, every. This meant that.

This made. NET web applications, as a whole, heavier and they performed slower than their counterparts in other coding languages in many benchmarks OWIN was initiated by members of Microsoft's communities; such as CF and dynamic programming communities. Thus, the specification is largely influenced by the programming paradigm of those communities. From initial prototyping, OWIN was then reduced to just a common specification. It basically specifies, as shown in Figure Figure 2 shows OWIN overview of web servers and web applications interaction, which contains at least 4 important aspects:.

The specification is just a beginning.

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The other goal is to encourage the development of simple and re-usable modules for. The expectation is to have a signification growth of middleware that can be downloaded as nuget packages. The long-term goal is to stimulate open source ecosystem of. NET web development. These lists are in the OWIN website. They are in the form of nuget packages, which all have a namespace Microsoft.

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