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Many Pagans, Witches, and Wiccans use the Theban alphabet to encode their writings in their Books of Shadows or spell books.

The Theban Script is also known as the "Witches' Alphabet". This is almost certainly a reference to the author of the early 14th century "Liber Juratus, or the Sworne Booke of Honorius". It is believed that the Theban alphabet actually originated as a Latin cipher before the 11th-century.

The origin of the letterforms is obscure, but all the evidence is consistent with an origin as an early alchemical cipher alphabet influenced by Avestan. Theban, while not a runic alphabet, is also known as the Runes of Honorius or the Honorian Alphabet after the legendary magus. It is used widely in modern Witchcraft and Wicca as a substitution cipher to hide magical writings such as the contents of a Book of Shadows.

The Theban alphabet bears little resemblance to other alphabets.

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The Theban alphabet, is today, and always has been employed primarily for talismanic inscriptions and magickal spells and works. Origin of the Theban Alphabet It is believed that the Theban alphabet actually originated as a Latin cipher before the 11th-century.The Theban alphabet is used almost exclusively by Wiccans as a substitution cipher to protect magical writings from prying eyes.

It originated as a magical alphabet; the exact origin of the text is unknown. It is little used as a magical alphabet, except as an occasional substitute for Anglo-Saxon runes, or for making charms and amulets. Theban was introduced to Wicca by its founder, Gerald Gardner. To use Theban as a cipher, simply substitute Theban letters for English letters as shown below:.

Any ideas? It would seem to me that each letter could also represent a number similar to other alphabets such as Greek or Hebrew.

The modern characters J, U and W are not represented, and in modern usage these are transliterated using the Theban characters for I, V and V. Its beautiful and definitely keeps prying eyes away from your personal writings and such. Someone here told about his initiation with a wiccan group. The first thing to learn is Never to reveal you are even a wiccan initiate.

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Fog Moon just went by a couple of nights ago, and it was Very interesting. Have a nice coming Yule-time everyone, and make the most of it!! Blessed Be my brothers and sisiters! I hope that all of you have had a blessed day and are learning the ways of the Ancient Ones!! Learning about Wicca is fasinating.

It brings excitment and mystery and the nerve to learn more. Im learning bout this and we r are in nombs and we get points for people who bring in stuff. I know no one cares lol so……. I thing wicca is a great experience. You should put more in you page. I was thingking of going down to thew beach and collect some sand, sea-water and shells and put then in jars. It could be extremely important.

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Maybe not so much putting the jar together, but perhaps the experience itself. The water is very healing. Could be to meet someone who will be of great help to you in some or maybe even many aspects of your life.

I am just learning the runes and spells we need initiated witches in Enid oklahoma to teach us magick! Hey this is pretty awesome I am facinated. This is not the full list of characters. I just recently began practicing magic not long ago. I decided to research a bit more. Like the site.

theban text generator

You have a nice variety of info. Keep up the good work! Previous post: Pentagram pentacle, pentangle, pentalpha. Next post: Athame.Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. The origins of the Theban alphabet are lost in the mists of time. It is also known as the 'Witch's Alphabet'. If you need to type in many different languages, the Q International Keyboard can help. It enables you to type almost any language that uses the Latin, Cyrillic or Greek alphabets, and is free.

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Notable features Type of writing system: alphabet Direction of writing: left to right in horizontal lines There is a one-to-one correspondence between letters of the Theban and Latin alphabets with the exception of the letters j and u. These letters are represented by the letters for i and v. The Theban alphabet is used by witches to write spells, inscriptions and other texts. It serves to disguise the meaning of a text and to give it a mystical quality.Site Navigation.

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Beautiful Instagram fonts are just one click away! Modal Header.As it is known only from fragments inscribed on stone, it is impossible to accurately translate all names, words and phrases into Primitive Irish and then into ogham. For this reason, modern Irish Irish Gaelic is used instead.

We have compiled a list of common names, words and phrases in Irish and the corresponding ogham transliteration. If your name is in English, ideally you should find the Irish equivalent first before transliterating it into ogham.

Theban Alphabet Font

Below are the top 10 phrases searched. A translator translates from one language to another, whereas a transliterator converts letters from one alphabet to the corresponding letters of another alphabet. Much like the English language uses the Latin alphabet, the Irish spoke Primitive Irish an early form of Gaelic and wrote with the ogham alphabet long before the arrival of the Latin script to Ireland.

This tool simply converts Latin characters eg. ABC to ogham symbols eg. This tool does not translate from English to Primitive Irish and there are no such translators or dictionaries in existence.

Evidence shows that Ogham was in use since at least the 4th century, long before the arrival of the Latin alphabet to Ireland. There are around surviving inscriptions on stone monuments throughout Ireland and also several in western Britain left by Irish settlers.

Most of the inscriptions consist of personal names, probably of the person commemorated by the monument. The more ancient examples are standing stones, where the script was carved into the edge of the stone. This is believed to refer to a grandson of Amalgaid mac Fiachrae died.The Theban alphabet is a writing systemin particular a substitution cipher of the Latin alphabet, used by early modern occultists and popular in the Wicca movement.

It was first published in Johannes Trithemius 's Polygraphiain which it was attributed to Honorius of Thebes "as Pietro d'Abano testifies in his greater fourth book". However, it is not known to be extant in any of the known writings attributed to D'Abano It is also known as the Honorian alphabet or the Runes of Honorius after the legendary magus Theban is not, however, a runic alphabetor the witches' alphabet due to its use in modern Wicca and other forms of witchcraft as one of many substitution ciphers to hide magical writings such as the contents of a Book of Shadows from prying eyes.

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The Theban alphabet bears little resemblance to other alphabetsand has not been found in any previous publications prior that of Trithemius. There is one-to-one correspondence between Theban and the letters in the old Latin alphabet.

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Theban letters only exist in a single case. This suggests an origin for Theban as a cipher calqued on Latin, along with the various alphabets described by Trithemius and Agrippa, based on either Latin or Hebrew. Eric S. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theban Type Alphabet. Latin alphabet cipher Theban.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Raymond's Home Page. Retrieved Andrew Liles. My Chemical Romance. Retrieved 10 January Categories : Artificial scripts used in mysticism Occult Witchcraft Ciphers.

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Hidden categories: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles with trivia sections from September Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Theban Font. About Theban Font. Theban is a writing system now mainly used by Wicca and other witchcraft as a way to hide magical writings like the contents of a Book Was used to cipher scientific Theban alphabet The origins of the Theban alphabet are lost in the mists of time.

It is often called "The Runes of Honorius" after its reputed inventor, Honorius Theban Font www.

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The Theban alphabet is a writing system with unknown origins which first came into publication in the 16th century. Download Theban Regular font for free. Find font samples, examples and test it free at AZfonts.

The writing in the book from Ecuador is written with the Theban Alphabet. Download Theban font free for Windows and Mac. Preview Theban font from EagleFonts.

Download free TrueType T.

theban text generator

Available in TrueType. Preview Theban. Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Check it for free with Typograph.

theban text generator

Most popular fonts. Hide Show Add to Favorite Download. Students Alphabet Bold Intellecta Design. Rockband Regular Jesse Tilley.

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